founders workshop

How do I recruit top talent? How do I go about opening a subsidiary? Which CRM tool is appropriate for my business? How do I setup an ESOP? How can I optimise the business model? What is the best way to train a sales team? How should I model the finances?

Are these the questions keeping you up at night? We have answered these questions and many more running our own startups.

At Wingman, we are dedicated to sharing our lessons learned. Spend a day with us to address some of the challenges you and your startup are facing. We will take a deep dive into your startup and help you identify actionable steps to achieve your goals.

fundraising workshop

What is the best time to raise money? How much should you raise in each round? How much traction is needed? What is the right valuation? Who is the right investor for your startup? How do you attract investors? How do you effectively communicate with investors?

As part of this workshop you will practice pitching your startup to us. As investors, we provide targeted pitch deck feedback and ask the critical questions that make or break a deal. The aim of this workshop is to develop your fundraising roadmap.

marketing workshop

When is it best to launch? Is it worth investing in brand building? How do you negotiate a good deal with a communications agency? How can you track the performance of marketing channels? Which KPIs should you focus on? How do you get a journalist to write about your startup?

During this Wingman workshop, we will find the right mix of marketing channels and define a clear and effective communication strategy. Together, we will make sure you invest wisely and keep within your marketing budget.


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