«Wingman is Algrano's invisible co-founder. They usually predict Algrano's challenges long before they come up. If you believe you do not need a wingman, simply talk to one - and I promise, you will get very valuable insights and input on your business.»

Raphael Studer, CEO Algrano AG



«The Wingman team brings a lot of entrepreneurial and venture experience to the table and understands the challenges we face in building an internationally successful company. Workshops with Alex on our "Series A readiness" helped us early on to focus on the right strategies and key messages.»

Marc Beermann, COO Allthings AG

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«Working with Wingman has been fantastic so far. Not only do they respond quickly and ask the right questions, but they also have the necessary experience as startuppers to know what you're going through. Whether you're planning a TV campaign or an online marketing activitiy, or you'd just like to increase efficiency in your sales team, they know what to do. I'd recommend anybody running a startup to work with them.»

Laurent Decrue, CEO Movu AG



«Wingman are two highly experienced entrepreneurs who are able to guide a company to success. Because of their own executing experience in finance, fund raising, marketing, company culture and business strategy, they can help specifically where help is needed.»

Andreas Guggenbühl, CEO RealLook AG

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«Very few people actually know what it means to start and scale a company. Working with Wingman means talking to like-minded people who understand from first-hand experience and provide actionable advice to advance your company. Wingman have been by far the most helpful one among our investors.»

Max Boosfeld, CEO Wingtra AG